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V100 server on-prem vs AWS p3 instance cost comparison

A cost and speed comparison between the Lambda Hyperplane 8 V100 GPU Server and AWS p3 GPU instances. A very similar comparison to the DGX-1.

Published 02/11/2019 by Chuan Li

Reproduce imagenet18 with a Titan RTX server

We reproduce the latest's ImageNet result with a single 8 Turing GPUs (Titan RTX) server. It takes 2.36 hours to achieve 93% Top-5 accuracy.

Published 01/15/2019 by Chuan Li

ResNet9: train to 94% CIFAR10 accuracy in 100 seconds with a single Turing GPU

This blog tests how fast does ResNet9 (the fastest way to train a SOTA image classifier on Cifar10) run on Nvidia's Turing GPUs, including 2080 Ti and Titan RTX. We also include 1080 Ti as the baseline for comparison.

Published 01/07/2019 by Chuan Li


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