Lambda Reserved Cloud Clusters

NVIDIA A100 clusters in the cloud with
1,600 Gb/s networking


The best prices for NVIDIA A100 clusters

Save 25-57% compared to AWS on reserved NVIDIA 8x A100 bare metal instances and 90% on egress. With Lambda, you can transfer a 1TB model for under $10. 

  GPU GPU Memory Network Bandwidth (Gbps) 1-Year Price Savings on GPU
AWS p4d.24xlarge NVIDIA 8x A100 40 GB 400 $19.22/hour  
Lambda Reserved Cloud Cluster NVIDIA 8x A100 40 GB 1600 $8.36/hour 57%

The fastest network for distributed training

Train large transformer models at top speeds with 1600 Gbps of RDMA inter-node bandwidth. Our networking is 4x faster than AWS and 16x faster than GCP.


Pre-configured for machine learning

Start training your models immediately with pre-configured software, shared storage, and networking for deep learning. All you have to do is choose your GPU nodes and CPU nodes.

Deep learning expertise

Access a dedicated support team of linux engineers.
Our premium support upgrade includes software support, a two-hour onboarding, and a technical account manager.

  Basic Premium
Price (% of Contract) Included 5% of contract value
Response time Next business day 8 hours
Software support   All 3rd party software installed by Lambda.

Kubernetes not included at this time.
Onboarding (total of 2-hours)  
Priority chat and email routing  
Share Technical Account Manager (TAM)  

Dedicated GPUs with flexible contract lengths

Reserve a bare-metal cloud cluster for as few as 6 months with options to reserve a cloud cluster for 1-3 years. Deploy your cluster and start training in as few as 12 days or less. 

  VRAM per GPU (GB) vCPUs RAM (GB) Storage (TB) Network Bandwidth (Gbps) GPUDirect RDMA NVLink 6 months 1 year 3 year
8x NVIDIA A100 (40 GB) 40 GB 128 2048 GB 27 TB NVMe SSD 1600 $8.80/hour $8.36/hour $8.10/hour
8x NVIDIA A100 (80 GB) 80 GB 256 2048 GB Minimum 7 TB NVMe SSD 800 - 1600 $11.43/hour  $10.86/hour  $10.52/hour 

All clusters come with a minimum of 4 servers.
Egress fees are $0.009/GB.

Optional add-ons

  Cores vCPUs RAM (GB) Storage (GB) Network Bandwidth (Gbps) Price
CPU VM Instances 32 64 256 GB 500 GB SSD Up to 10 Gbps $1.41/hour
Block storage (sold in 10TB blocks)            $0.04/GB/month