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Training with Lambda

Anthem Carnegie Mellon Los Alamos National Lab MIT
GPU Cloud SSH terminal

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Start training your model immediately.

  • Instant SSH access to dedicated GPUs
  • Pre-configured networking for ML/AI workloads
  • Comes with Ubuntu, PyTorch, Tensorflow, CUDA, & Jupyter

Affordable, High Performance Reserved GPU Cloud Instances

Save up to 65% on compute costs compared to other major cloud GPU providers

  • Get 24/7 access to powerful A100, A6000, and V100 GPUs
  • Have the option to add persistent cloud storage
  • Compare GPU costs with our simple and transparent pricing
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GPUs VRAM per GPU Price
8x NVIDIA A100 80 GB $10.00 / hr
8x NVIDIA A100 40 GB $8.00 / hr
4x NVIDIA RTX A6000 48 GB $2.80 / hr
8x NVIDIA Tesla V100 16 GB $3.20 / hr

All options include NVLink™

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