Vector One 4090 GPU Workstation Side View No Door Lights On

GPU desktop PC for deep learning

Configured with a single NVIDIA RTX 4090. Optimized for speed, value, and quiet operation.

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10,000+ research teams trust Lambda

Vector One 4090 GPU Workstation Front View 45-Degree Lights On

Tackle your AI and ML projects right from your desktop with a single GPU system for less than $5500

  • Power that doesn't disturb
    Liquid cooling designs ensure optimal performance without the noise
  • Next-gen graphics for advanced AI/ML tasks
    Equipped with the cutting-edge NVIDIA RTX 4090 boasting 24 GB of VRAM
  • Future-ready architecture
    State-of-the-art AMD Ryzen 9 7950X CPU, which supports PCIe Gen 5 and DDR5 and offers up to twice the bandwidth of its predecessors
  • Optimal experience for AI/ML
    Ultimate system configuration with no more guesswork, tailored for AI/ML tasks from fine-tuning Stable Diffusion to handling the complexities of LLAMA 2 7B
Lambda Stack
lambda stack illustration

Plug in. Start training.

Our desktop PCs include Lambda Stack, which manages frameworks like PyTorch® and TensorFlow. With Lambda Stack, you can stop worrying about broken GPU drivers and focus on your research.

  • Zero configuration required
    All your favorite frameworks come pre-installed.
  • Easily upgrade PyTorch® and TensorFlow
    When a new version is released, just run a simple upgrade command.
  • No more broken GPU drivers
    Drivers will "just work" and keep compatible with popular frameworks.

Lambda System Support

With our System Support option, you can focus on your code and leave the rest to us. If something goes wrong with your machine, whether it be a driver issue, kernel panic, or hardware failure, our support team can debug it.

  • Expert assistance
    From engineers ready to troubleshoot your hardware, operating system, and machine learning software.
  • Extra cover
    An extended warranty covering hardware failures with rapid repair and replacement.
  • Always here
    Providing you with live help from a dedicated contact via phone or email.
Tech Specs

Technical specifications