Build better ML solutions that scale


Iterate faster, scale with ease

The Lambda Professional Solutions team will help you reach your machine learning goals faster and create systems and processes that scale. Services include:

  • Building an A.I. roadmap with proof of concepts
  • Creating ML workflows and systems that scale with your growing team and infrastructure
  • Model optimization to improve quality and speed

Start your ML project now

Building ML systems and workflows is expensive and time consuming. Lambda Professional Solutions will help your team:


Build better models, faster

Our team of ML experts has experience working on cutting edge machine learning projects ranging from autonomous vehicles, security, visual effects, and medical research.


Build scalable ML infrastructure

Lambda offers all the software and hardware needed for scalable machine learning practices, all in one place.


Adopt ML best practices

Our team uses their domain expertise to publish papers at top conferences and transfer cutting edge research into real-world applications


GPU resources that scale easily

Lambda’s professional solutions are powered by GPU compute from Lambda. Lambda offers solutions that range from on-premises GPU to colocation and cloud. As your ML needs evolve, you can easily scale from a single GPU to many.


Our latest projects


Airbus Vahana

Airbus Vahana was an electric-powered, self-piloted personal air vehicle prototype financed by Airbus. Lambda was consulted by its Perception team to improve the speed of their models and allow for real-time detection of objects in the air like birds and other airplanes

lambda text to pokemon

Text to Pokémon

A fine-tuned stable diffusion model that has generated millions Pokémon-like images and loved by people all around the world. If you want to find out how we made this model at Lambda, read our blog post.


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