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Chat with a PDF using Falcon: Unleashing the Power of Open-Source LLMs!

Unlock the potential of open-source LLMs by hosting your very own langchain+Falcon+Chroma application. Upload a PDF and engage in Q&A about its contents.

Published 07/24/2023 by Xi Tian

Considerations for Large-Scale NVIDIA H100 Cluster Deployments

How to build the GPU infrastructure needed to pretrain LLM and Generative AI models from scratch (e.g. GPT-4, LaMDA, LLaMA, BLOOM).

Published 07/13/2023 by David Hall

Fine-tuning Falcon LLM 7B/40B

Learn how to fine-tune Falcon LLM 7B/40B on a single GPU with LoRA and quantization, enabling data parallelism for linear scaling across multiple GPUs.

Published 06/29/2023 by Xi Tian

Google is probably using Adversarial Noise for reCAPTCHA

I'm not a human. Or at least that's what Google thought when I failed to fill out the reCAPTCHA properly for the third time. This blog post proposes an experiment to test if Google is using Adversarial Noise for reCAPTCHA.

Published 11/28/2018 by Stephen Balaban


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