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Introducing ML Times: your destination for digestible AI news and insights

With curated content, efficient summarization techniques, and a user-friendly interface, ML Times is an efficient way for ML engineers to keep up with AI.

Published 04/09/2024 by David Hartmann

Lambda selected as 2024 NVIDIA Partner Network AI Excellence Partner of the Year

Lambda was selected as NVIDIA's 2024 AI Excellence Partner of the Year for providing NVIDIA-powered systems via our Cloud and on-prem offerings.

Published 03/19/2024 by Robert Brooks IV

Lambda among first NVIDIA Cloud Partners to deploy NVIDIA Blackwell-based GPUs

The NVIDIA GB200 Superchip and NVIDIA B200 and B100 GPUs will be available through Lambda’s On-Demand & Reserved Cloud, and NVIDIA DGX SuperPODs.

Published 03/18/2024 by Maxx Garrison

Lambda is a Diamond Sponsor at NVIDIA GTC!

Lambda will be at NVIDIA GTC in 2024. We will showcase our NVIDIA GH200 benchmarks, how our ML team uses Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), and more.

Published 03/12/2024 by Maxx Garrison

Lambda Raises $320M to Build a GPU Cloud for AI

Lambda raised a $320M Series C for a $1.5B valuation, to expand our GPU cloud & further our mission to build the #1 AI compute platform in the world.

Published 02/15/2024 by Stephen Balaban

ShadeRunner: Chrome plugin for enhanced on-page research

Maximize online research efficiency with ShadeRunner, a Chrome plugin featuring text highlighting, paragraph summarization, and topic suggestions.

Published 02/13/2024 by David Hartmann

Benchmarking ZeRO-Inference on the NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip

Benchmarks comparing inference performance of the NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip, enhanced by ZeRO-Inference, to NVIDIA H100 and A100 Tensor Core GPUs.

Published 12/20/2023 by Chuan Li

Persistent storage now available for on-demand NVIDIA H100 GPU instances

Persistent storage is now available in all Lambda Cloud regions and for all on-demand instance types, including our NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU instances.

Published 12/19/2023 by Kathy Bui

Lambda launches Vector One, a new single-GPU desktop PC

The Lambda Vector One is a single-GPU desktop PC built to tackle demanding AI/ML tasks, from fine-tuning Stable Diffusion to handling the complexities of Llama 2 7B.

Published 12/12/2023 by Samuel Park

Unleashing the power of Transformers with NVIDIA Transformer Engine

Benchmarks on NVIDIA’s Transformer Engine, which boosts FP8 performance by an impressive 60% on GPT3-style model testing on NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs.

Published 11/21/2023 by Chuan Li

Lambda Cloud Clusters to support NVIDIA H200 Tensor Core GPUs

Lambda will be one of the first cloud providers in the world to offer customers access to NVIDIA H200 Tensor Core GPUs through Lambda Cloud Clusters.

Published 11/13/2023 by Maxx Garrison

Lambda Cloud Clusters now available with NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip

Lambda Cloud Clusters are now available with the NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip. A single GH200 has 576GB of coherent memory for unmatched efficiency.

Published 11/13/2023 by Maxx Garrison

DeepChat 3-Step Training At Scale: Lambda’s Instances of NVIDIA H100 SXM5 vs A100 SXM4

GPU benchmarks on Lambda’s offering of the NVIDIA H100 SXM5 vs the NVIDIA A100 SXM4 using DeepChat’s 3-step training example.

Published 10/12/2023 by Chuan Li


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