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Best GPU for Deep Learning in 2022 (so far)

While waiting for NVIDIA's next-generation consumer and professional GPUs, we decided to write a blog about the best GPU for Deep Learning currently available, as of March 2022.

Published 02/28/2022 by Chuan Li

Deep learning is the future of gaming.

Deep learning is the most important technology to impact gaming since the advent of 3D graphics. This short video presentation walks you through a few of the technologies that will deliver unbelievable gaming experiences in the near future. Research covered in this presentation: 1. Photorealistic neural rendering 2. Deepfakes for

Published 01/04/2022 by Stephen Balaban

Lambda's Deep Learning Curriculum

This curriculum provides an overview of free online resources for learning about deep learning. It includes courses, books, and even important people to follow. If you only want to do one thing, do this: Train an MNIST network with PyTorch. Introductory CS231n:

Published 11/01/2021 by Stephen Balaban

OpenAI's GPT-3 Language Model: A Technical Overview

Chuan Li, PhD reviews GPT-3, the new NLP model from OpenAI. This paper empirically shows that language model performance scales as a power-law with model size, datataset size, and the amount of computation.

Published 06/03/2020 by Chuan Li

Titan V Deep Learning Benchmarks with TensorFlow

Titan V vs. RTX 2080 Ti vs. RTX 2080 vs. Titan RTX vs. Tesla V100 vs. GTX 1080 Ti vs. Titan Xp - TensorFlow benchmarks for neural net training.

Published 03/12/2019 by Michael Balaban

RTX 2080 Ti Deep Learning Benchmarks with TensorFlow

RTX 2080 Ti vs. RTX 2080 vs. Titan RTX vs. Tesla V100 vs. Titan V vs. GTX 1080 Ti vs. Titan Xp benchmarks neural net training.

Published 03/04/2019 by Stephen Balaban


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