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Lambda is a fast growing startup providing deep learning hardware, software, and cloud services to the world's leading companies and research institutions. Lambda’s mission is to create a world where access to computation is as effortless and ubiquitous as electricity.


Impressive revenue growth year over year

Lambda has nearly 10x'd since 2018. We've built a recognized brand within the deep learning community and have exciting product launches around the corner.

Our Customers

Customers think we're awesome

Lambda provides deep learning compute to the world's leading engineering and research teams in the Fortune 500, major research universities, and government labs. Our customers love our product. We understand our customer's problems and provide solutions to them that "just work".


Well funded with more than $380M raised

Our combined funding rounds position us for growth and success. Lambda is proud to be funded by investors with deep expertise in our industry.

Our Team

A fast moving, curious and resourceful team

David Ames Headshot

The best thing about working for Lambda is the people. There is a focus on the human element of engineering. We are human beings who happen to be engineers, not engineers who happen to be human. Having said that, the technical expertise at Lambda is deep. They're subject matter experts on a wide range of technologies. There is a culture of knowledge sharing and team building at Lambda.

Another great thing about working for Lambda is the technology stack. Deep learning is the place to be right now and Lambda is at the center of it. Everyone needs access to GPUs for training and inference and we provide that access in Lambda Cloud and our hardware offerings. Lambda Cloud is an amazing product to be working on. From distributed systems, networking, compute, storage and deep learning, there is no end to the cool technologies we get to work with.

I have been at Lambda for a year and a half. It has been a wild ride. I have learned a lot. But most of all I have made great friends.

David Ames
Staff Software Engineer
Sheena Harris Headshot

One of my favorite things about working for Lambda is the people I get to work with everyday. Even though we live miles apart, we all share the common goal to grow the business and provide state of the art solutions to our customers. The people we get to work with are diverse in many ways such as race, gender, and career backgrounds!

Working at Lambda with the Supply Chain is a dream. We are able to measure our impact and provide visibility to stakeholders. We give confidence to customers that they are receiving the latest, greatest, and reliable technology for their projects. The Supply Chain team is the “heart” of the business and our main focus is to support our customers to provide suitable and sustainable solutions for the AI/ML universe!

Overall, I'm so grateful to be apart of one of the fastest growing teams with a company that truly supports me professionally, and personally! Lambda’s willingness to provide me the flexibility to be a mom and an employee at the same time means more to me than I could ever express. It's a dream come true!

Sheena Harris
Global Commodity Manager, Supply Chain
Celine Liebrecht Headshot

Working at Lambda for the last two years has been such an amazing experience! The support that I get from each individual I work with is amazing along with the flexibility to have a healthy and stable work life balance. Everyone is always understanding and supportive!

Being Lambda's Executive Assistant and working closely with the management team has been very exciting! I have been able to see the company grow first hand from 33 people to where we are now. It has also been amazing being able to mold my position and be supported in growth within my position from everyone.

Overall, I feel very lucky to be apart of Lambda and the innovative company we are. It is a fantastic place to work and I can't wait to see what more we are going to accomplish together!

Celine Liebrecht
Executive Assistant
Kyle Van Dyke Headshot

As Lambda's Sales Enablement Manager, I get to work with some of the brightest minds in tech and see firsthand how our innovations are changing the world. Under Lambda's VP of Revenue's leadership, the sales team has grown tremendously while maintaining a culture of transparency, trust and empowerment. I help onboard and train new team members, refine critical processes, and make sure our partners have the support they need to succeed.

    At Lambda, I have the freedom to take on more responsibility and implement high-impact changes. My colleagues are intellectually curious, kind, and relentlessly dedicated to our mission of advancing AI. I feel deeply fulfilled enabling a team that is fundamentally transforming the future.

    Lambda’s vision, values and people make this an incredibly rewarding place to build a career. I’m grateful for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of this team and help drive rapid growth at one of the most forward-thinking companies in tech. The future is bright, and I’m excited to help shape it.

Kyle Van Dyke
Sales Enablement Manager, Sales Operations


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