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Exploring AI's Role in Summarizing Scientific Reviews

This analysis explores whether a Large Language Model, such as OpenAI's GPT, can assist in helping human readers digest scientific reviews.

Published 09/14/2023 by Xi Tian

GPT-3 A Hitchhiker's Guide

A balanced perspective on OpenAI's GPT-3. We summarize how the A.I. research community is thinking about Open AI's new language model.

Published 07/20/2020 by Michael Balaban

OpenAI's GPT-3 Language Model: A Technical Overview

Chuan Li, PhD reviews GPT-3, the new NLP model from OpenAI. The technical overview covers how GPT-3 was trained, GPT-2 vs. GPT-3, and GPT-3 performance.

Published 06/03/2020 by Chuan Li


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