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How to fine tune stable diffusion: how we made the text-to-pokemon model at Lambda

It can require a lot of work and prompt engineering to get results in a particular style using Stable Diffusion. Fine tuning the image generation model itself presents an efficient solution. This blog walks through how to fine tune Stable Diffusion on a Pokemon dataset to create a text to Pokemon image model.

Published 09/28/2022 by Justin Pinkney

Keeping an eye on your GPUs - GPU monitoring tools compared

The best tools for monitoring your GPU usage and performance statistics compared.

Published 03/29/2022 by Justin Pinkney

StyleGAN 3

Researchers from NVIDIA and Aalto University have released StyleGAN3, removing a major flaw of current generative models and opening up new possibilities for their use in video and animation.

Published 11/29/2021 by Justin Pinkney

Lambda and Scale Nucleus: Empowering Your Model Training with Better Data

by Lambda and Scale Visualizing your training data is the foundation of every successful deep learning project. It’s important to both identify potential flaws in the ground truth labels, and to look for insights that will guide your choice of model architecture. Deeply understanding your data can help ensure

Published 10/19/2021 by Justin Pinkney


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