Frequently Asked Questions


Does Tensorbook support multiple external displays?

Tensorbook works with up to three external displays each at 4K120: 1 via HDMI, and 2 via USB-C.

Does Tensorbook work with external GPUs (eGPUs)?

We have not verified any eGPU docks, and we do not recommend this use case.

Does Tensorbook work with Thunderbolt docks?

We have verified Tensorbook to work with Thunderbolt docks from CalDigit, Monoprice, OWC, Plugable, and Razer.

How loud are Tensorbook’s fans?

Under maximum load, the fans are approximately 40-43dB.


Does Tensorbook have an upgradable CPU or GPU?

No, the Intel CPU and the Nvidia GPU are built into the motherboard and are therefore not upgradable.

What generation of PCIe is Tensorbook?

Every PCIe interface in the Tensorbook (CPU to GPU, and CPU to NVMe drives) is PCIe 4.0.

Does Tensorbook have servicable storage?

Yes, the two NVMe M.2 drives are user servicable. If you need assistance, please contact us.

Does Tensorbook come with an AMD CPU?

No, we only offer Tensorbook with an Intel 12th-gen CPU.

Does Tensorbook have servicable RAM?

Yes, the RAM is user servicable. If you need assistance, please contact us.


Does Tensorbook come with an Intel vPro license?

Currently, we do not offer vPro licenses.

What is the HS Code and ECCN number for Tensorbook?

HS Code: 8471300100, ECCN: 4A994

Is Tensorbook TAA compliant?