Lambda Quad Leasing Program

Lease a Lambda Quad and get started doing Deep Learning with no upfront costs. For $599 per month, you'll receive a 4x 1080Ti GPU Lambda Quad workstation with free GPU upgrades. Scale your team and stop worrying about hardware upgrades: we'll install new GPUs for free.

Subscription Benefits

  • Free Upgrades. You'll never need to worry about upgrading your GPUs again. When new GPUs are released, a Lambda technician will come on-site and upgrade your GPUs at no additional cost.
  • No upfront costs. The Lambda leasing program lets you get access to the latest and most powerful GPUs without any capital expenditure or budgeting required. It's as easy as spinning up a cloud instance.
  • World class support. Your Lambda leasing program comes with a direct phone line to a Lambda Support tech who can assist you with any system software issues you may have.
  • Flexibility to buy. If you ever decide you want to end your GPU upgrade subscription and purchase the system, you can conduct a lease buyout for a low, fixed fee.
4x GPU workstation with free GPU upgrades for life.
Just $599 / month.
per hour

Pre-Installed with Every Framework

Easy Upgrades with Lambda Stack

Lambda Stack is a software tool for managing installations of TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Caffe, Caffe 2, Theano, CUDA, and cuDNN. If a new version of any framework is released, Lambda Stack can manage the upgrade, including updating dependencies like CUDA and cuDNN. Learn more.

Lambda Lease =
Lambda Quad Workstation
Free Hardware Upgrades For Life

$599 is all you need to get started in the AI and Machine Learning revolution.

To get started, email or,
call (650) 479-5530.


Cutting-edge hardware

Get access to the latest workstation GPUs shortly after they're launched.

Save weeks of setup time

You’ll be ready to start training the moment our technicians set up your Lambda Quad. 

Secure and reliable

Our systems are built and run by Deep Learning experts. Furthermore, you'll be protected behind the safety of your company's firewall.

Save millions

Switch from Amazon to immediately realize thousands in savings. Reinvest your savings in more GPU power to train your models 3x faster. 

Simple and scalable

Simply subscribe to more workstations and you'll be able to scale out your team in no time without expensive upfront costs.

Leasing a Lambda can save you millions.

Get your organization the A.I. hardware that it needs.

$0.30 / hour

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