LAMBDA HyperCluster

Lambda HyperCluster = Hyper Converged + GPU Cluster

Lambda HyperCluster is your company's building block for AI. converged GPU compute infrastructure lets you focus on growing your business without IT management headaches. Our beautiful, plug-and-play appliance is ready for datacenter deployment.

Our Lambda HyperCluster appliances are made for on-prem or datacenter deployment. Modular hyper converged infrastructure means you spend less time designing and managing your IT infrastructure and more time hitting business goals. Lambda HyperCluster uses NVIDIA's enterprise-grade Volta V100 and Pascal P100 GPUs.

Our clusters come pre-loaded with machine learning libraries, including TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Caffe.

Turn-key AI infrastructure for datacenter deployment.
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Lambda HyperCluster =
Hyper Converged AI Infrastructure
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A Lambda HyperCluster is all your organization needs to get started in the AI and Machine Learning revolution. Deep Learning infrastructure can be for your company. A single Lambda Hypercube can provide compute resources and act as a force multiplier for an entire team of AI researchers and engineers.

If you're unsure of how your team could best use Lambda Hypercube, give us a call at (650) 479-5530. We’ll walk you through the decision making process.

Pre-installed Software

Each Lambda Hypercube comes pre-configured with every library you'll need for Deep Learning. Plug it in and start training.


Cutting-edge hardware

Get access TESLA V100 and P100 GPUs that are ready for datacenter deployment.

Save weeks of setup time

You’ll be ready to start training the moment our technicians set up your Lambda HyperCluster. 

Secure and reliable

Our systems are built and run by Deep Learning experts. Our enterprise datacenter solution is trusted by the engineers at the top DL companies in the industry.

Save millions

Switch from Amazon to immediately realize thousands in savings. Reinvest your savings in more GPU power to train your models 3x faster. 

Simple and scalable

Easily expand the storage or compute power of your cluster by sliding in a new Lambda Blade.

On-prem and Co-located Infrastructure can save you millions.

Get your organization the enterprise compute cluster that it needs.

$0.30 / hour

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