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Lambda provides Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning infrastructure to organizations like Apple, Intel, Microsoft, MIT, Harvard, and the DOD. We’re headquartered in the Dogpatch and are a short walk from the 22nd Street Caltrain station.

Business Operations Associate

- Report directly to our CEO
- Solve problems that crop up during our day-to-day operations.
- Effectively manage our service providers: Accounting, Legal, HR, SaaS, industrial design, package engineering, etc.
- Implement solutions and processes that allow other team members to focus on their core strengths.
- Distill your solutions into simple, actionable, reports.

Example day-to-day operations problems:
Forecasting inventory purchases; working with our accounting firm to prepare budgets; developing business processes for inventory management, shipping, and receiving; preparing job requisitions and making job postings; managing conference sponsorships; optimizing equipment utilization and manufacturing layout.

- Eagerness to learn and ability to quickly understand and craft solutions to new problems.
- Bachelor’s degree or higher with an excellent academic record.

Women, veterans, and those with unique and diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Please email your resume to careers@lambdal.com

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